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Cobalt Vulnerability Wiki


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Account takeover via "Forgot your password" functionality Admin panel publicly accessible Admin panel takeover AWS bucket misconfiguration Critically Sensitive Data - Password Disclosure Critically Sensitive Data - Private API KeysCSRF Database Management System (DBMS) Misconfiguration:Excessively Privileged User / DBA Directory Listing Enabled EXIF Geolocation Data Not Stripped From Uploaded Images - User Enumeration Insecure crossdomain.xml policy OAuth Account Takeover OAuth Insecure Redirect URI OAuth Missing/Broken State Parameter Sensitive Token in URL Token Leakage via Referer Weak Password Reset Implementation - Token Leakage via Host Header Poisoning
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V4 - Access Control

Authorization is the concept of allowing access to resources only to those permitted to use them. Ensure that a verified application satisfies the following high level requirements:

• Persons accessing resources hold valid credentials to do so.

• Users are associated with a well-defined set of roles and privileges.

• Role and permission metadata is protected from replay or tampering.

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