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Authentication Bypass2-Factor Authentication (2FA) BypassCAPTCHA Bypass - X-Forwarded-ForLack of Password ConfirmationLack of Verification EmailMail Bombing in the Contact FormMissing brute-force protection for two-factor authenticationNo Rate Limiting on a FormNo Rate Limiting or Captcha on Login PagePassword Cracking for Common/Weak Passwords when Password Policy is WeakUsername/Email Address EnumerationUsing Default Credentials Weak 2FA ImplementationWeak Login FunctionWeak Password PolicyWeak Registration Implementation over HTTP
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V2 - Authentication

Username/Email Address Enumeration


1. Go to password reset/login/register or any other area that allows writing username or email address input

2. Write an existing username/email address with wrong password to observe error message

3. Write a non-existing username/email address to observe error message

4. See if error message leaks the information of the existence of username/email addresses





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