Cobalt bug bounty programCobalt bug bounty programCobalt bug bounty program

Bug bounty programs and security audits tailored for you.

Cobalt puts the best eyes on your application security.

Connect with our community of skilled security researchers.

Bug Bounty Programs

  • Nexmo

    Cloud communication APIs

    • $100 - $1,000
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Our Security Researchers

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  • limboland
  • wswartzendruber
  • vigneshkumarmr
  • bitquark

We can hand-pick vetted security researchers and apply a range of metrics to ensure you get the best eyes possible on your app’s vulnerabilities.

Case Studies


“We decided to run a bug bounty program as a sustainable and continuous security testing solution to ensure that we are protecting our customers as best we can.”


“As an agile company, we are continually releasing new features. Cobalt has enabled us to validate our security on an ongoing basis to stay on top of new security threats.”