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Virtual Conference: Shift AppSec 2018

Rethink Dev,
Rethink AppSec

Rethink Dev, Rethink AppSec

November 7, 2018 | 10AM-3PM PST

Everyone has heard the hype around integrating security into the product development lifecycle. But let’s actually talk about how to do it. What we plan to do with this virtual conference is highlight true AppSec success stories from leaders in the industry.


Seven 30-minute practitioner-led sessions and one 45-minute interview panel with live Q&A.

  • Caroline Wong
    Caroline Wong

    Chief Security Strategist,

    AppSec Practitioner’s Guide

  • David Tsao
    David Tsao

    Head of InfoSec (CISO), BYTON

    Pen Testing at Scale Interview

  • Caleb Sima
    Caleb Sima

    Security Thought Leader & Entrepreneur

    Pen Testing at Scale Interview

  • Mandy Huth
    Mandy Huth

    VP of Cybersecurity, Kohler Co.

    Does your AppSec Budget Match your Risk Tolerance?

  • Mandy Huth
    Adam Surak

    Director Of Infrastructure, Algolia

    AppSec Mindset: Getting Dev Culture Thinking About Security

  • Ty Sabano
    Ty Sbano

    Head of Security, Periscope Data

    Fast, Furious and Secure: DevOps Supercharged

  • Coleen Coolidge
    Coleen Coolidge

    Head of Security, Segment

    Building a Security Team from 0 to 100

  • Robert Wood
    Robert Wood

    Chief Security Officer, Simon Data

    The New CISO Blueprint

  • Eric Galis
    Eric Galis

    VP of Security & Compliance, Cengage

    Security or Compliance? Why not both?


Agenda + Talk Descriptions

Coming Soon

November 7, 2018 | 10:00am – 3:00pm


The purpose of this virtual conference is to offer real and practical guidance to build and improve your application security program. No sales talks or outdated security frameworks.

Caroline Wong

Fundamentally, application security is about designing, building, and maintaining secure software. Our goal for this conference is to help you build and improve your AppSec program using straightforward approaches that work.