Cobalt Crowdsourced Application PentestCobalt Crowdsourced Application PentestCobalt Crowdsourced Application Pentest

What is a Pentest?

What is a Pentest?

What is Manual Pentesting?

Manual penetration testing layers human expertise on top of professional penetration testing software and tools, such as automated binary static and automated dynamic analysis. A manual pentest provides complete coverage for standard vulnerability classes, as well as other design, business logic and compound flaw risks that can only be detected through manual (human) testing.

Pentesting as a Service vs
Traditional pentesting

1 — Trusted Talent

Customers gain access to a trusted global talent pool on-demand, from which Cobalt hand-selects its researchers. Cobalt then matches researchers to each project based on researchers skill set and the technology stack of each application. So you don’t just get whomever is on the bench, but the right researchers for the task.

2 — Collaborative Platform

Cobalt’s collaborative workflow platform allows you to manage all your pentest findings. These findings can also be directly integrated into your development lifecycle via bug tracking systems such as JIRA and GitHub.

3 — Efficient Workflows

Customers are able to communicate in real-time with the researcher who discovered each vulnerability making the testing and re-testing much faster.

4 — On Demand Scheduling

Scheduling is much faster and typically happens within 48 hours.

Pentesting as a Service Life Cycle

Pentesting as a Service can be visualized in a 6 step cycle: Preparation, Kick-Off, Testing, Reporting, Re-Test, and Feedback. If you are interested in learning more check out this blog post.