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Whether your clients are looking to improve their security posture, obtain compliance, or apply for cyber insurance, Cobalt will help you fulfill their pentesting requirements.

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Why choose Cobalt as your Pentest Partner?

Provide Your Clients with a Reliable and Modern Pentest

Cobalt's Pentest as a Service (PtaaS) platform is modernizing traditional pentesting. By combining a SaaS platform with an exclusive community of testers, we deliver the real-time insights that security and development teams need to remediate risk quickly and innovate securely. Our on-demand community of expert pentesters means we can match skills that best align to your clients’ tech stack.

Meet Your Clients' Timing and Pricing Expectations

Cobalt users can start a pentest in 24 hours and complete their engagement in 14 days. Throughout the engagement, you and your clients can communicate directly with Cobalt pentesters for faster triage and remediation. Findings are reported in real-time so clients can take action immediately, rather than waiting for a final report to be delivered. Cobalt provides unlimited free retesting so clients can focus on closing the remediation loop without paying an additional fee.

Earn Referral Fees, Resell Credits, and Offer Preferred Pricing to your Clients

We have two different types of partner programs in place. The more we work together, the more you’ll earn!

  1. The Cobalt Referral Partner Program offers both referral fees and client discounts.
  2. The Cobalt Reseller Program enables you to purchase bulk discounted credits.

Strengthen Knowledge With Access to Training Tools & Content

Cobalt provides our partners with enablement material to enhance your knowledge of the Cobalt platform and the pentesting space. Get trained, certified and take advantage of Cobalt's GTM collateral and activities.

Build an Integration to Your Software

Whether Cobalt integrates with your software by pushing pentest data into your API, or if your software integrates by pulling data from our API, either way it’s a win-win. We’ve deepened partnerships in GRC, Vulnerability Management, and many other spaces by adding technical integrations between our technologies.

Drop us a line at if you’re interested in exploring an integration opportunity. In the meantime check out to learn more about our API.

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Cobalt Partners' Success Stories

Vanta logo

Eric Marin,
Sales Manager at Vanta

Cobalt has been a tremendous partner to both Vanta and our customers over the years. Many of our customers don't know that they need a pen test when starting their SOC 2 journey, and many of Cobalt's customers don't know that vendors exist that automate SOC 2 when they sign up for a pen test. These unknowns have made it seamless for both of us to be good partners, knowing that our customers are going to be well taken care of in either direction.

Vanta logo

Mark Aguilar,
Partner Manager at Tugboat

Partnering with Cobalt was a no-brainer for us, as they are an excellent partner when it comes to penetration testing. Their Pentest as a Service platform simplified the process for our clients in need of pen testing expertise for their security and compliance initiatives. Additionally, our partnership helped us reach new business opportunities through collaboration and providing security assurance to new markets.


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