Cobalt bug bounty programCobalt bug bounty programCobalt bug bounty program

Test your app’s security before the bad guys do.

Here’s how we can help you lock down your app’s security, in a few simple steps.

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Create a Security Program

Sign up for free in just a few minutes and ask our top researchers to evaluate the security of your web or mobile app. Decide to run either a bug bounty program or an agile crowdsourced security audit. Choose from our Core of vetted researchers or the whole Crowd.

Get Reports

Using our secure app Cobalt Central, receive clear, structured vulnerability reports from top researchers, along with suggested fixes and other details.

Squash Bugs, Fast.

With CSV export and one-click integration to GitHub and JIRA, you can immediately add confirmed reports to your internal workflow in the way you prefer, ensuring your app spends the minimum time vulnerable.

Painless Payments

Decide between a pay-per-bug model or fixed price, and how you want to pay – bitcoin, card or kudos. Don't worry about tax forms, invoicing or AML requirements – Cobalt takes care of all the paperwork.