Cobalt Crowdsourced Application PentestCobalt Crowdsourced Application PentestCobalt Crowdsourced Application Pentest


Edgar Pimenta, Information Security Director at Talkdesk, shares the importance of ease of use, transparency, and trust when it comes to pentesting.

Trust + Expertise: Why Talkdesk Chose Cobalt for Pentesting

Talkdesk is a cloud-based contact center and artificial intelligence software provider. As an enterprise-class company, they take security and privacy seriously and have implemented a variety of safeguards in their design and code to carefully protect customer data.

One measure they have taken to ensure the security of their customer data is engaging in third party pentesting.

Talkdesk understands the importance of having an outside view of your security posture, and was looking for a partner with the right set of skills and that they could trust.

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Key benefits

  • Ease of Use
  • Impactful Restesting
  • Dynamic Reports
  • Skilled Pentesters