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Explore how collaboration, agility, and granular reporting help SolarisBank maintain compliance, customer confidence, and overall security.

Why SolarisBank Values Agile Pentesting

Guido Reismüller leads the information security team at SolarisBank, a Banking as a Service Platform that combines the regulatory and security expertise of a bank with the technological mindset of a startup.

Security is important to them not only because it’s a regulatory need, but it's also a fundamental part of strengthening their organization and maintaining customers' trust. Leveraging pentesting is one way that they maintain compliance and customer confidence.

For a company like SolarisBank, who leverages a continuous delivery approach to software development, finding a pentest partner with the ability to keep pace with their Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and integrate into how they work was essential.

The ability to pentest on demand and the collaborative nature of the engagement were two main reasons Reismüller decided to give Cobalt a try.

After the first engagement, the SolarisBank team was blown away by Cobalt's flexible scheduling, agile pentest launch, transparent communication channels, and collaborative workflows, along with the ability to generate pentest reports with varying granularity based on business needs.

“We are a happy customer so far and have already finished our second test. And we encourage all our customers to use to ensure that everyone we work with has secure practices in place,” said Reismüller.

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Key benefits

  • Smooth Pentest Launch
  • Seamless Dev Handoff
  • Detailed Remediation Advice
  • Real-Time Pentester Communication
  • Reports for Specific Business Needs
  • Fast Start Time