Cobalt Crowdsourced Application PentestCobalt Crowdsourced Application PentestCobalt Crowdsourced Application Pentest

Credit Karma

Credit Karma was looking for a solution that would seamlessly integrate with their ecosystem and they found that with Cobalt's Pentesting as a Service solution.

Credit Karma is working to be the financial tool for everyone, and to do that they must be secure. This ambitious goal keeps security top-of-mind for Kunal Bhattacharya, Head of Application Security at Credit Karma, and his team.

A challenge that many red teams see nowadays is getting the right talent all the time. And even if you can get the right talent, getting a fresh perspective can be a difficult because things become jaded when you get used to a specific environment. What they needed was a third party to come in with a new perspective and that's where Cobalt was able to provide value.

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Key benefits

  • Seamless integration
  • Data visualization
  • Ease of retest
  • Discovering unknown issues