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Introducing Humans of InfoSec: Emerging Voices

Caroline Wong
Apr 7, 2020

It’s hard to believe we’ve interviewed more than forty people since Humans of InfoSec started two years ago. From renowned threat modelists to seasoned application security engineers, our guests have shared remarkable wisdom and insights with our listeners. It’s humbling and awe-inspiring to hear the stories of hardened infosec professionals with decades of experience. They have a lot to tell us — and we’re grateful for the opportunity to listen.

Yet the industry is changing rapidly. As the workforce shortage intensifies and the industry grows exponentially, new players have entered the field. Their challenges and triumphs are unique, and their insights offer a glimpse into the evolving security landscape. We want to elevate their voices, too. We think their insights are particularly valuable for those trying to break into the field.

To that effect, Humans of InfoSec is excited to launch a spin-off of its original podcast called “Emerging Voices.” This new podcast aims to capture the trials, tribulations, and achievements of new professionals in the cybersecurity field. Don’t worry: Humans of InfoSec will keep its biweekly cadence, but sometimes we’ll throw in a “bonus” episode featuring a new voice.

This first episode features our very own Vanessa Sauter, security strategy analyst at Until now, she’s been behind-the-scenes producing and editing the podcast, so we’re excited to bring her voice to the forefront of conversation. She’ll also now serve as the host of Emerging Voices.

Thanks for being a great listener. Security matters. You matter.

Check out the first episode here.