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Changelog — November 2020

Nycole Castro
Dec 3, 2020

Check out what we’ve been working on over the past month:

Manage Collaborators — When an organization member or owner schedules a new pentest, they sometimes lack sufficient information to complete the pentest wizard. To help make this a smoother process, Cobalt now allows pentest team members to be added while the pentest is still in a “New” state. This means team members will be able to enter the wizard and collaborate with current members to help get the pentest submitted for review.

Add pentest team members by clicking on the collaborators icon located next to the trashcan

Insights Improvements — As organizations complete their pentests, the Insights page will continue to grow in valuable information about their assets. To better visualize this data, we’ve released several UI improvements to Insights and will continue to roll out more changes in the coming months. As of now, all bar charts contain customized tooltips and include a horizontal grid to make data easier to read and digest. Lastly, axes lines have been redesigned to prevent any ticks from overcrowding and all charts now demonstrate a new set of colors for a more professional look.