Cobalt Crowdsourced Application PentestCobalt Crowdsourced Application PentestCobalt Crowdsourced Application Pentest

Your Global Purpose-Built Application Security Team

Your Global Purpose-Built Application Security Team

Your Global Purpose- Built Application Security Team

No two applications are the same, so we bring just the right combination of skills, performance, and experience to yours.






Years of Hacking Experience

Cobalt Core

We draw on a core of 200+ highly vetted, certified security researchers to find the right skills to match to your security requirements and business needs.

Certified Researchers

We always include at least one certified security professional with a recognized certification such as GIAC, OSCP, CEH, and CISSP on each Cobalt Pentest engagement.

Domain Experts

These are highly skilled researchers with deep domain expertise. Domain experts are typically at the level of making technical presentations at various security conferences.

Bug Hunters

Typically self-taught security researchers with solid pentesting skills from participating in top bug bounty programs. Highly motivated and always ready for a new challenge.

Our Vetting

1 — Get Invited

To become eligible for the Core team a security researcher must first be invited by either a customer or another Core researcher.

2 — Apply

We then review and vet individual applications for achievement and experience.

3 — Deliver Value

Finally, a potential Core researcher must deliver significant value during an initial trial period.

4 — Admission

Once admitted, new Core researchers are measured continuously via our internal reputation system and must maintain high customer feedback scores. Only the top 5% of applicants are admitted into the Core team.