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Snow Software

Igor Andriushchenko from Snow Software shares insights on the three main benefits his teams sees from Cobalt: rapid start time, quality results, and seamless workflow integrations.

How Pentest as a Service Fits the DevOps Model

Snow Software, is the global leader in software asset management. In an essence, they help large companies manage their technology fleet. Working with the enterprise segment requires strict security requirements but for Igor and his team it's not just about checking the box. It is about trusting that what you ship is secure.

Snow Software follows the DevOps model with new features being released monthly. This means that security needs to be integrated into all development activities.

Cobalt's ability to test fast and frequently, allows Snow Software's security team to keep pace with development and release faster. Customizable reporting and seamless integrations also help them stay up-to-date with agile approaches as teams.

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Key benefits

  • Easy to Use
  • Quality Results
  • Seamless Workflow Integrations
  • Reduced Time-to-Fix