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Why HubSpot Moved to a Tech-Forward Approach to Pentesting

Ryan Stinson
Cloud Security & Risk
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HubSpot finds the resilient data security program it needed with the Cobalt platform.

HubSpot is a platform provider for sales, service, and marketing tools that works with tens of thousands of small to medium-sized businesses all over the globe. The company helps millions grow better. When it comes to the value HubSpot provides for customers, security is a fundamental part of communication and assurance—that’s why Cobalt stepped in with a technology-forward approach to pentesting for reliable data security.

The Challenges

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Engagement and Results

HubSpot wanted end-to-end engagement for targeting potential vulnerabilities throughout the entire process to get valuable results out of each pentest.

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Limited Visibility

HubSpot lacked a comprehensive view of the company’s security posture.

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Stress Potential

The company was looking for knowledgeable experts to eliminate any stress and potential trepidation out of recurring pentesting programs.

The Results

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Feedback and Transparency

Cobalt experts are available on-demand for a second set of eyes to help reassure design decisions, implementation strategies, and to provide meaningful feedback.

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Robust Data Security

Cobalt harmonizes different thoughts, expertise, and sets of results to help build a better, stronger, and more resilient security program.

Increased Efficiency

Efficiency with Speed

Cobalt operates on an on-demand basis, offering a technology-forward mentality backed by the idea that collaboration should be real-time.

The Challenges

For every new pentest HubSpot has, members of the Cobalt Core look at each one with a varied set of eyes whose focus is specifically on the kinds of technologies that the HubSpot stack is built on. Having a set of technically focused, hard-hitting security practitioners, looking at the kinds of technologies the company is building and the features it enables for its customers, is key.

Cobalt's platform makes it really easy to spin up new engagements and, in a flexible way, target the kinds of things that are potentially worrisome to get hard-hitting and valuable results out of that engagement.

The Solution

Releasing a new feature can leave teams with a nagging feeling in the back of their minds about how that might be used, how it might be abused, or the vulnerabilities that may exist with it. HubSpot is able to go back to the testers and say, "I didn't understand what you were saying here. Can you clarify?" or, "I think this is fixed. Can you go back and double-check?" Cobalt makes it easy to be an end-user and get consistent value year over year and engagement over engagement.

One of the things I've loved for the past several years with Cobalt is that we have new sets of eyes, new perspectives, new technological prowess on the part of the pentesters that are being brought to bear for every new engagement and every set of results that we get out of it.

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Cobalt brings in phenomenal pentesting expertise and provides a platform to very flexibly manage the results that we find.Read more customer storiesArrow Right
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Ryan Stinson
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