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Get to Know Jon Helmus, Cobalt's New Manager of Pentest Community

Feb 2, 2021

Welcome, Jon! Tell us a bit about yourself, and where you're based.

I live right outside of northern Seattle in a very rural mountain town called Snohomish, on a small Alpaca farm with my spouse, our two daughters, 4 dogs, 2 cats, and numerous farm animals (Alpacas, Goats, Pigs, and Chickens). My experience is vast in information security, cyber operations, and offensive security. Before getting into tech, I was a small boat engineer in the U.S. Navy.

When not doing all the cyber, farm, and family things — I thoroughly enjoy being out in nature engaging in outdoor activities. Washington state is a natural marvel and has some of the best places for hiking and water activities.

Can you talk about what you'll be doing here at Cobalt?

As the Manager of Pentest Community, I will be working with the team to ensure Cobalt empowers its growing freelance community and elevates the experience for our amazing pentesters.

How will customers and partners feel the impact of the work you're doing?

Customers and partners will benefit from the improvements during the entire pentest engagement process through a better customer and pentester experience.

What attracted you to the role? What are you most excited about over the next 6-12 months?

I've been a huge fan and advocate of Cobalt for a couple of years now. I'm a firm believer in pentesting being the new normal for assessing applications, deployments, and infrastructure at various levels during their development. Cobalt is doing just that and innovating how the world utilizes pentesting to produce better products and better environments.

I'm excited to be a key player in that process by ensuring that our pentesters stay engaged, recognized, up-to-date, and skillful in their craft as they empower Cobalt's innovative pentest service.

What's your ideal superpower?

The ability to be Batman, even if it is just for a day.